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We area World Coach Institute Certified Professional Coach (International Coach Federation affiliated), a State of Ohio Certified Peer Recovery Supporter Specialist, a SMART Recovery Certified Professional Company.

We Our goal is to help our client commit to, devise, design and implement specific strategies, finding answers to unique personal or small business issues.



COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLC provides life coaching and business consultation to private individuals and/or business owners, managers, supervisors and/or employees. It is an on going collaborative partnership effort between professional Coach and Client.
COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLC is designed to improve and/or enhance a Client's position and/or to maximize its values. 
COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLC facilitates the Client's identification and clarification of their own visions, dreams, and/or goals. 
COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLC is designed to improve and/or enhance a position and/or to maximize values.
As a life and business coach, Mr. Winkfield recognizes, and understands, that every client’s case presents unique circumstances which deserve distinct attention.

Who we serve

The Client understands and notes that life and/or business coaching shall not be used as a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment, and shall not be used in place of any form of diagnosis, treatment or therapy. Consequently, the Coach shall not be held responsible for and shall remain blameless for any and all adverse or other consequences, including but not limited to financial, personal, employment or other loses, arising out of decision or actions the Client may make as a result to services provided by the Coach.   

Throughout the working relationship, Lawrence E. Winkfield, the Coach will engage in direct and personal confidential conversations. The Client can count on the Coach to be honest and straight forward in asking and making requests. The Client understands that the power and success of the Coaching relationship can only be procured by the Client, and depends upon the Client's commitment and openness to the process.


The Client agrees to do just that in order to have the Coaching relationship be powerful. It is only through the Client's commitment to achieve beneficial and measurable results in improving all areas of the Client's personal and/or business life. While providing coaching services, Mr. Winkfield believes he will be able to help the Client commit to devise, design and implement specific proposals to help him, her, or the business find answers to and resolve issues to make life better. 

What we provide

        Lawrence E. Winkfield is executive director of COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLC; which is an emerging Life Coach & Business Consultant practice. The emphasis of COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLC is upon helping individuals and businesses turn their visions into realities.
        COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLCis part of a rapidly expanding life skill industry of coaching professionals who employ dynamic success strategies designed "assist" clients to become, have, or do what the desire by challenging the client to commit to developing their own plans for resolving their own personal and/or business problems. 
       COACHING FOR SUCCESS is a collaborative partnership between a coach and individual which connects, at a meaningful level, specific beliefs, values, and visions toward a focused result. Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship whereby "clients" bounce his or her idea off the "coach" with the sole purpose of helping the client learn, improve, enhance their quality of life. 

Specializing in helping individuals and small businesses decide and commit to achieve beneficial and measurable result in all areas of their lives and/or business operation    


 Life Coach & Business Consultant

Lawrence Winkfield
The coaching perspective of "COACHING FOR SUCCESS of Columbus, LLC" to use the "power of commitment" as a tool and leverage to create a "power of honesty" wherein the Client will feel an internal sense of dishonesty, shame, guilt, and/or pain, if they do not fulfill the strategies devised by the Client and the Coach to achieve the Client's desired and contracted for results. 
Lawrence Winkfield 
Lawrence Winkfield in 2021 is maximizing the best possible life coach/business consultant outcome that is dictated by the facts of each case. Lawrence Winkfield is a strong voice/advocate; in helping each client turn visions into reality.  

Meet one on one

Coaching and consulting is all about the client: what our client wants and what they commit to in order to turn their visions into to turn their visions into realities get.

Mr. Winkfield will work with clients to help them achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and make important changes or shifts in their lives or business.

Mr. Winkfield will work with each client as a partner: knowing that the client has latent answers to create and/or design changes they seek.

Mr. Winkfield will employ the "power of commitment" and proven "cognitive-behavioral methods" and strategies to meet each client's needs.

Mr. Winkfield will encourage each client to be honest and candid in the coaching process as it relates to their desire goals.

Mr. Winkfield will not counsel or analyze the client's past.
Mr Winkfield will, instead, help each client imporve their quality of life and/or impact the world in which the live and operate.
Mr. Winkfield will help each client develope confidence and courage to overcoming obstacles, circumstances and/or  situations they have struggled with and/or been confronted with that impeded it's part of life to have obstacles. It's about overcoming obstacles. That's the key to Satisfied  clients. Here at Coaching For Success of Columbus, LLC we look forward to helping you achieve the satisfaction you deserve, in resolving your life coach; business consultant issues. So, let's meet one on one. 


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