Meet one on one

 with Lawrence Winkfield.

Coaching and consulting is all about the client: what our client wants and what they commit to in order to turn their visions into to turn their visions into realities get.

Mr. Winkfield will work with clients to help them achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and make important changes or shifts in their lives or business.

Mr. Winkfield will work with each client as a partner: knowing that the client has latent answers to create and/or design changes they seek.

Mr. Winkfield will employ the "power of commitment" and proven "cognitive-behavioral methods" and strategies to meet each client's needs.

Mr. Winkfield will encourage each client to be honest and candid in the coaching process as it relates to their desire goals.

Mr. Winkfield will not counsel or analyze the client's past.
Mr Winkfield will, instead, help each client imporve their quality of life and/or impact the world in which the live and operate.
Mr. Winkfield will help each client develope confidence and courage to overcoming obstacles, circumstances and/or  situations they have struggled with and/or been confronted with that impeded it's part of life to have obstacles. It's about overcoming obstacles. That's the key to Satisfied  clients. Here at Coaching For Success of Columbus, LLC we look forward to helping you achieve the satisfaction you deserve, in resolving your life coach; business consultant issues. So, let's meet one on one. 


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