What we provide

        Lawrence E. Winkfield is executive director of COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLC; which is an emerging Life Coach & Business Consultant practice. The emphasis of COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLC is upon helping individuals and businesses turn their visions into realities.
        COACHING FOR SUCCESS of COLUMBUS, LLCis part of a rapidly expanding life skill industry of coaching professionals who employ dynamic success strategies designed "assist" clients to become, have, or do what the desire by challenging the client to commit to developing their own plans for resolving their own personal and/or business problems. 
       COACHING FOR SUCCESS is a collaborative partnership between a coach and individual which connects, at a meaningful level, specific beliefs, values, and visions toward a focused result. Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship whereby "clients" bounce his or her idea off the "coach" with the sole purpose of helping the client learn, improve, enhance their quality of life.